LANMAT 2001 - Scientific Program

Wednesday, October 3, 2001
14:15 Welcome address


14:30 F.C. De Schryver

Single molecule and ensemble fluorescence of dendritic systems


15:10 R. Bachelot, F. H'Dhili, G. Lerondel, D. Barchiesi, P. Royer

Light distribution recording using PMMA-DR1: direct observation of the "lighting rod effect" below an apertureless SNOM probe


15:35 P. Schwille

Biophysics on a single molecule scale employing multiphoton spectroscopy


16:15 C. Castiglioni, F. Negri, E. Di Donato, M. Tommasini, G. Zerbi

Raman spectra of nanostructured carbon materials: modeling based on a molecular approach


16:40 Cofee Break


17:00 K. Le Barbu, F. Lahmani, M. Broquier, A. Zehnacker-Rentien

A spectroscopic study of chiral discrimination in jet-cooled van der Waals complexes


17:40 A. Cricenti, R. Generosi, M. Luce, P. Perfetti, G. Margaritondo, D. Talley, J.S. Sanghera, I.D. Aggarwal, J.M. Gilligan, N.H. Tolk

Infrared nanospectroscopy with a free electron laser: applications in material science and biology


18:05 J. Enderlein

Single molecule fluorescence in metallic nanocavities


19.30 Dinner


21:00 Poster session

Thursday, October 4, 2001

08:30 M. Orrit

Single molecule spectroscopy in nanoscience


09:10 V.N. Konopsky

Subtip resolution in scanning plasmon near-field microscope with tip-surface plasmon resonance: new possibilities for single molecule detection


09:35 J. Schuster, F. Cichos, C. von Borczyskowski

Diffusion of single molecules in ultrathin liquid films on solid surfaces


10:15 M. Borquier, F. Lahmani, A. Zehnacker-Rentien

Hydrogen-bonded bridges in jet-cooled complexes of o-cyanophenol: a laser induced fluorescence and IR/UV double resonance study


10:40 Coffee break


11:10 F. Beltram, V. Pellegrini, M. Giacca

Towards in-vivo single-protein monitoring by advanced imaging and spectroscopy techniques


11:50 L. Latterini, F. Elisei, G.G. Aloisi

Space-resolved fluorescence properties of dyes intercalated in hydrotalcites


12:15 K. Karrai

Optical emission of charge-tuneable single quantum dots


12:55 Lunch


14:30 A. Zumbusch, Th. Hellerer

Ultrasensitive detection with vibrational contrast: coherent anti-Stokes Raman scattering (CARS) microscopy


15:10 R. Vallée, N. Tomczak, M.F. Garciá Parajó, J. Vancso, N.F. van Hulst

Single molecule study of heterogeneous dynamics in thin polymer films


15:35 V. Buschmann, A. Dietrich, C. Müller, P. Tinnefeld, M. Sauer

Fluorescence resonance energy transfer (FRET) in donor-acceptor substituted DNA strands: a comparative study of ensemble and single molecule data


16:00 Coffee break


16:30 C. Fokas, V. Deckert, R. Zenobi

Chemical analysis on a nanometer scale: tackling heterogenous catalysis with scanning near-field optical microscopy


17:10 E.D. Obraztsova, S.V. Terekhov, A.V. Osadchy, V.I. Konov

Laser heating effect as an instrument for diagnostics of single-wall carbon nanotubes


17:35 H.P. Mathis, J. Ackermann, J.S. McCaskill

Spatially resolved single molecule detection: DNA - tracking with configurable hardware

Friday, October 5, 2001

08:30 M. G. Bawendi

Nanocrystal semiconductor quantum dots: the path from single dot blinking to ensemble laser structures


09:10 A. Paladini, M. Satta, T. Di Palma, M. Speranza, A. Laganà, G. Fago, D. Scuderi, A. Giardini Guidoni

Laser production of gas phase complexes of metal a -aminphosphonic acid mixtures and their role in chiral recognition


09:35 B. Hecht

Nanoscopic interactions probed by single molecules


10:15 P.G. Gucciardi, S. Trusso, C. Vasi, S. Patanè, M. Allegrini

Nano-Raman imaging of the structural properties of TCNQ and Cu-TCNQ thin films by scanning near-field optical microscopy


10:40 Cofee break


11:10 N. Kahya, W.P. de Boeij, D. Hoekstra, D.A. Wiersma

Fluorescence correlation spectroscopy: an insight into the microworld


11:50 D. Polli, G. Cerullo, G. Lanzani, S. De Silvestri

Early events of energy relaxation following sub-10 fs excitation


12:15 J. Wrachtrup

Observation of charge and energy transfer in single pigment-protein complexes


12:55 Lunch


14:30 N.F. van Hulst

Single molecules in the near field


15:10 M.J. Montenegro, T. Lippert, S. Müller, A. Weidenkaff, P. Willmott, A. Wolkaun

Pulsed laser deposition of La0.6Ca0.4CoO3(LCCO) films. A promising metal-oxide catalyst for air based batteries


15:35 M. Martynski, A. Molski

Comparison of the intensity correlation function and the distribution of interdetection times as statistical tools for the recovery of photophysical parameters: triplet blinking


16:00 Cofee break


16:30 A. Débarre, R. Jaffiol, D. Nutarelli, A. Richard, P. Tchénio

3D-oreientation and chemical diagnostics for single nanoobjects


17:10 M. Salerno, J.R. Krenn, B. Lamprecht, G. Schider, H. Ditlbacher, N. Félidj, A. Leitner, F.R. Aussenegg

Plasmon resonances in metal nanostructures


17:35 K. Le Barbu, F. Lahmani, M. Broquier, A. Zehnacker-Rentien

Study of interactions between two chiral moieties: 2-Naphthyl-1-ethanol/2-amino-1-propanol

Saturday, October 6, 2001

08:30 Th. Basché, T. Christ, F. Kulzer, P. Bordat

Watching chemical reactions at the level of single molecules


09:10 P. Tinnefeld, M. Heilemann, D.-P. Herten, C Müller, M. Sauer

Photophysical dynamics of individual molecules and molecular assemblies


09:35 D.A. Lapshin, V.S. Letokhov

Shear force distance control in near-field optical microscopy: distance control or force control?


10:00  G. Compagnini, A.A. Scalisi, O. Puglisi

Ablation of noble metals in liquids: a method to obtain nanoparticles into a thin polymeric film


10:25 E. Giorgetti, G. Margheri, F. Gelli, S. Sottini

Nonlinear characterization of quasi-monomolecular polyDCHD-HS layers by means of surface plasmon spectroscopy


10:50 Coffee break


11:20 H. Gerritsen, W. van Sark, P. Frederix, A. Meijerink

Blinking, blueing, and bleaching of (CdSe)ZnS quantum dots


12:00 J. Valenta, R. Juhasz, J. Linnros

Optical spectroscopy of single silicon nanocrystals


12:25 C. Ecoffet, R. Bachelot, C. Triger, L. Ghannam

Photopolymerization by optical near field; material and methods


12:50 Closing remarks

P.1     R. Bornemann, E. Thiel
Single molecule absorption at room temperature
P.2     C. Branca, G. Maisano
Vibrational properties of poly(ethylene oxide) in crystalline and solution phase
P.3    R. Teghil, A. Santagata, L. D'Alessio, M. Zaccagnino, D. Ferro, A. Giardini Guidoni
Femtosecond pulsed laser ablation and deposition of fused silica
P.4     A. Agostiano, L. Catucci, P. Cosma, P. Fini, L. Monsù Scolaro, M. Trotta, H. Scheer
Molecular organization of chlorophylls: structural and photochemical characterization of two new aggregates
P.5     L. De Dominicis, R. Fantoni, S. Martelli, M. Di Fino, M. Giorgi, O. Bomantì Miguel, S. Veintemillas
DFWM detection of atomic Fe: a preliminary study for on-line diagnostic of Fe nanoparticles growth in a laser pyrolysis process
P.6     E. Fois, A. Gamba, E. Spano, G. Tabacchi, A. Tilocca, S. Quartieri, G. Vezzalini
Physical chemistry in confined systems: rotational and vibrational motions of single file water confined in crystalline matrices
P.7     M.H. Bartl, K. Gatterer, A. Speghini, M. Bettinelli, H.P. Fritzer
Spectroscopic and crystal field investigation of Kramers ions: Nd3+:YAB a case study
P.8     S. Klein, T. Witting, A.v.d. Lieth, K. Dickmann, M. Hietschold
Enhanced Raman scattering in the near field of a scanning tunneling tip an approach to single molecule Raman spectroscopy
P.9     S. Magazù, P. Migliardo
Vibrational behaviour of disaccharide aqueous solutions
P.10   D. Majolino, V. Crupi, P. Migliardo, V. Venuti
Studies of dynamical response of H-bonded confined liquids by laser spectroscopy
P.11   P. Sassi, G. Compagnini, A. Morresi, R.S. Cataliotti
Gold nanocluster in catalytic beds: an application of low-frequency Raman spectroscopy for their size determination
P.12   M. Ottonelli, G.F. Musso, D. Comoretto, G. Dellepiane
Optical and electronic properties of substituted oligodiacetylenes clusters
P.13   A. Giardini Guidoni, S. Piccirillo, D. Scuderi, M. Satta, T.M. Di Palma, M. Speranza, A. Filippi,
          A. Paladini
Laser spectroscopy of solvent-free chiral complexes
P.14   J.A. Capobianco, F. Vetrone, J.C. Boyer, A. Speghini, M. Bettinelli
NIR to visible upconversion in nanocrystalline Lu2O3:Er3+
P.15   A. Tamulis, Z. Rinkevicius, V. Tamulis, J. Tamuliene
Quantum chemical design of logic gates of classical and quantum molecular computers and light driven molecular logical machines
P.16   J. Azoulay, A. Débarre, R. Jaffiol, A. Richard, P. Tchénio, J.-P. Boilot, F. Chaput
Single-molecule detection in sol-gel films
P.17   A. Romeo, M. Castriciano, L. Monsù Scolaro, S. Trusso, V. Villari, M. Micali
Micro-Raman investigation on porphyrin J-aggregates induced by polyamines
P.18   N. Borho, M.A. Suhm
Chiral self-recognition in the gas phase: an FTIR study of hydrogen-bonded dimers
P.19   S. Dizian, S. Emonin, J. Isambert, G. Lerondel, P.M. Adam, J.L. Bijeon, P. Royer
Near-field photoluminescence observation of Zn2SiO4:Mn2+ nanocrystals
P.20   R. Méallet-Renault, F. Vial, C. Barbier, P. Denjean, R.B. Pansu
Synthesis and characterization of fluorescent nanoparticles
P.21   D. Catone, P. Didier, L. Guidoni, G. Schwalbach, J.-Y. Bigot
Ultrafast gain dynamics of the green fluorescent protein
P.22   F.V.R. Neuwahl, R. Righini, A. Adronov, J.M.J. Fréchet
Time domain spectroscopy investigation of energy and electron transfer processes in trisbipyridyl ruthenium cored dendrimers
P.23   V. Mussi, R.M. Montereali, S. Scaglione, F. Somma, A. Cricenti
Experimental study of lithium fluoride (LiF) films containing matallic colloids by scanning near field optical microscopy
P.24   J. Gierschner, H.-J. Egelhaaf, D. Oelkrug
Luminescence of conjugated molecular assemblies confined in nanochannels
P.25   S. Corni, J. Tomasi
Surface enhanced Raman scattering from a single molecule adsorbed on a metal particle aggregate: a theoretical study
P.26   C. Ferrante, D. Pedron, B. Scremin, R. Pilot, R. Bozio
Relaxation dynamics and saturation spectroscopy of the CT transition of (TTF+)2 dimers dispersed in a polymer matrix
P.27   R. Pilot, R. Bozio
Amplitude of non linear optical response of molecular charge transfer aggregates in solid
P.28   R.Signorini, C.Ferrante, D.Pedron, M.Slaviero, R.Bozio, L.Beverina, A. Abbotto, G.A.Pagani
Nonlinear optical properties of two photon absorbing heterocycle-based dyes
P.29   L. Angiolini, R. Bozio, L. Giorgini, D. Pedron, G. Turco
Photoinduced birefringence and optical activity in azobenzene-containing polymer films
P.30   F. Fantinel, R. Bozio, F. Della Negra, E. Menna, M. Maggini, M. Meneghetti
Transient multiphoton absorptions in single and aggergated fullerenes and nanotubes